Artisan made

A small amount makes a good product

A artisan made product is best known by it's handmade quality. Made with love and great attention is a huge difference between handcrafted or large numbers made by machines. The thick yarn is mostly very soft and very trendy a luxury for our products. Once you tried the difference by wearring it, you will enjoy a unique handmade product. 

It also helps us to do something for woman in our community.  We create work for women who want to be independent. And give them the opportunity to make something beautiful and sell it in our webshop.


We also like retailers and fashion designers to contact us if they want something specific handmade.  We can offer different techniques with different fibers. Everything is possibel, we also can work the whole proces out.

And make it as comfortabel as you like it. So the less work you have with the process of working out the idea's of your own brand. We enjoy  helping you with a great product wich costumers love and want to buy because they know it's a good product. 


We like to here from you what you like or don't like about our collection. The comments will be posted in our next, news updates on our site. We like to give the best services to our customers, by taking advice serious to improve our services and products.  

Alpaca knitwear
Knitted hat

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